The Web3 Code Challenge is a 36-hour IRL event with full of fun, awards, knowledge, skills, and challenges for all developers including Web2 and Web3 developers. The Web3 Code Challenge consists of a BIG CHALLENGE and SMALL CHALLENGES. In the BIG CHALLENGE, participants with their teams will have the opportunity to challenge themselves to make ideas and build tools and projects based on specific topics related to both Web2 and Web3. SMALL CHALLENGES is designed for individual developers and will pop up every 3 hours for  all participants to challenge themselves and be ranked in the list to win instant awards for each small challenge, and win medals for the final ranking list at the end of events.

BIG CHALLENGE (For Teams or Individuals)

Participants are expected to build projects for 3 main BIG CHALLENGES:

  • Tools: BOS tools, building tools to support developers, transforming web2 developer tools for web3 developers, or integration between Web2 and Web3 tools
  • Web2-to-Web3: Apply blockchain for traditional Web2 business. Taking advantages of blockchain for web2 niche businesses.
  • DeFi (sponsored by SWEAT): People need a simple and affordable way to pay for their everyday necessities in crypto, transaction fees

    Possible solution: A demo of a software or hardware (or both!) prototype that allows regular crypto users to pay with $NEAR in real life

    References: Trustee, Gnosis Pay, WhiteBIT card

    A winning solution we’re looking for is:

    • Innovative: no reinventing the wheel, let’s do cool and unexpected things!

    • Scalable: ready for potential implementation everywhere from supermarkets to Amazon

    • Realistic: you understand your legal and technological constraints

    Winner takes it all:

    • $6000 bounty pool for up to 3 best solutions

    • 6-months incubation with best BD, marketing and tech mentors

    • Best solution will be implemented on SWEAT for 50 000 real users to crashtest

In BIG CHALLENGE, participants and their teams will develop ideas, prototype the ideas, and submit their project to one of the 3 tracks. You can prepare ideas and protypes prior and complete your project in two days of the event on 9-10/09/2023 to submit your projects and pitching video with related supporting documents to

In the BIG CHALLENGE, although You can prepare ideas and protypes prior, submissions must be created, or substantially modified, during the Code Challenge time duration (00:00 Sep 09 2023 - 2PM Sep 10 2023 GMT+7 timezone).

At least one of the team members must be present and checkin at Web3 Code Challenge in NEARAPAC conference hall to be eligible for this IRL event.

Address: Thiskyhall, Thiso mall, 10 Mai CHi Tho, District 2, HoChiMinh city, Vietnam



At the event, Small challenges will pop up every 3 hours at the event and all individual registered participants can join to solve quizz and small coding challenges related to Web3 (AI, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, Data Structure and Algorithm,...) to win instant awards based on their ranking in each small challenge. Ranking of participants will be summed up for the final ranking list of Code Challenges. The top ranked developer after 2 days will win medals and prizes.

The Web3 Code Challenge can be a good start for all developers to learn about the transition and relationship between Web2 and Web3, challenge themselves to build and fail fast before getting rewarded.



What to Submit (For Big Challenge)

  • Open source code repository. Provide a URL to your open source code repository for judging and testing. Your code must have an open source license like one of the below:
    MIT -
    Apache 2.0 -
    3-Clause BSD -
  • Demo Video. Include a video (under 5 minutes) that demonstrates your submission in English. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public.
  • Pitch deck file
  • Select Prize Tracks. Identify which track your project fits into and if you used and sponsor tools.

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